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  • “With a unique knowledge of wisdom practices and the Bay Area outdoors, and a gift for creating a special container that helped me get to greater internal clarity on something I’ve been wrestling with, Spencer’s facilitation is highly recommended for anyone seeking to connect deeper to their purpose and how this purpose might be expressed.”Premal Shah, President,
  • “Spencer gave us a really thoughtful and reflective tour through the Berkeley Hills under the supermoon. It was a chance to get an evening in nature just 45 min from San Francisco.”Kenneth Howery, Partner, Founders Fund
  • ” You bring a holistic approach, and an awareness to self, surroundings, and experience that is quite unique, nice, and refreshing. Afterwards, I felt much more open, aware, confident, excited, and at peace.”Erin Coburn, Owner, Oakland Crush
  • “We’ve been nothing but satisfied with all of Spencer’s work. It has added to the vibrancy and community appeal of our projects. And we’re looking for ways to get his hands and expertise into more areas of our work.”Jamie Choy, Senior Project Manager, Signature Develoment Group
  • “I love the fact that the process gave us a chance to connect with the invisible world, trust what we were sensing through our intuition and then combine it with our logic. It is a very grounding, practical process that I plan to incorporate in my projects and work.”Chingwell Mutombu, Founder, Women's Healing Center Nigeria
  • “Spencer Honeyman is a fantastic facilitator who has helped our team dig deep and move with greater efficiency and power. He has an intuitive ability to sense what is needed on a project and then lead a team through a creative process that reveals important insights. His work has benefited our team tremendously.”Samuel Bernier, Relationship and Career Coach
  • “The workshop which Spencer Honeyman lead was a real eye opener. He was able to relate techniques for bridging the world of creative visualization with diverse practical projects. I now have a powerful tool to continuously include people in a dynamic creative process while working with them.”Laurie Winestock, Business Owner
  • “I’ve had the great pleasure of participating in a number of sessions led by Spencer Honeyman. As a facilitator, he is both playful and grounded. He also manages to strike a balance between structure and flexibility that provides clear direction while also allowing groups to move in an organic direction.”Carlin Getliffe, Digital Strategy Consultant


Join a cohort of practitioners to up-level your skills for working with groups & individuals.


The Academy is a space of personal growth, professional development, purpose clarification, and camaraderie amongst high-functioning individuals from different backgrounds. It is an intentional, tight-knit, cohort style learning group for advanced techniques of creating group coherence by using our own cohort’s dynamics as the material for learning and practice. Personal issues will surface and the intention is to help participants clarify their own learning by being a part of the process.

There is a rotating course program at the Academy. We cover skills, frameworks, and techniques for creating cultures that bring people together in a higher order without sacrificing individuality. Here are some of the skill and focus areas that we cover throughout the year:

  • Attuning to and working with subtle energy in the context of communication and group dynamics.
  • Spotting and navigating differing values and worldviews in the room.
  • Leadership to inspire innovation and integration
  • Developing a meditative or pure awareness perspective to give space to what needs to happen in a group without judgement.
  • Techniques for working with shadow material and trauma that inevitably show up.
  • Honing skills as a facilitator and mediator of conflict that emerges in group spaces.
  • Using movement, somatics, and creative intervention in relationship with more rational approaches.

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Team Dynamics Consulting

Get custom support for your organization’s challenging group dynamics and culture.
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Teams and organizations can get bogged down by people problems. Whether it is an entrenched conflict that needs mediation or an incoherent team that needs to align on vision, we create a space that is safe to air grievances, sort out disagreements, train new skills, and realign culture to keep moving forward for work that matters.

This work may involve one-on-one discussion, team facilitation, mediation between conflicting parties, or workshops for based on the specific organizational needs at hand. We customize interventions based on initial conversation, goals, and project scope.

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    Receive one-on-one support to navigate challenge and execute your purpose work.

    I work with executives, leaders, change makers, and individuals to navigate the trials and tribulations of running organizations, leading teams, maintaining healthy relationships, and enacting their full power and purpose.

    There are often hidden ways that leaders “leak” power, leaving them feeling tight on time, emotionally drained, and out of alignment with themselves. Through transformational coaching techniques honed over a decade with master teachers, I help my clients to see the ways that they are creating inefficiencies and go to the root issue so that they can live more fully, authentically, and with a sense of greater space and purpose.

    If you are considering hiring a coach to explore how to improve your situation and find more ease in work and life, feel free to reach out for a  free 30-minute intro call to see if we might be a good fit for working together.

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    Past Clients:

    Organizational Design Partner

    Check out Delta Developmental for your large-scale organizational design needs where Spencer works as an associate. They have excellent experience with transforming large organizations through uncertainty & crisis.


    Spencer Honeyman

    Spencer is an executive coach, group facilitator, and consultant working at the confluence of elite performance, innovation, and healing. He is a graduate Pomona college’s interdisciplinary Environmental Analysis program and is a Certified Integral Facilitator.

    Spencer has taught workshops on communication and group dynamics from MIT to Marrakesh. He was trained in-depth with master facilitators Thomas HublDiane Hamilton in the subjects human development, group dynamics, and improvisation before launching Enliven. He has over a decade of practice in Shadow yoga & Tibetan meditation practice and is a trained in the Art of Circlesinging in the lineage of Bobby McFerrin through Dave Worm.

    Spencer blends a diverse training in somatics, working with subtle energetics, and development of the higher levels of the mind along with grounded, project-based leadership skills. Outside of Enliven, Spencer can be found playing music with friends, hiking any number of Bay Area hills with his family, building with his hands in the studio. He lives with his wife and son in the Bay Area, CA.


    Twitter: @s_honeyman


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